ARTMAKR Workshop: Dreamy Watercolour Seascape 2 pax

Paint dreamy atmospheric scenery using a limited color palette. Learn brush marks to create cloud and waves textures & blending in your painting, Also we are going to touchdown into color theories & harmonies as well. Each participant will get all the tools and materials such as paint,handouts, brushes, palette, paper etc.

Interesting, right? Step by step guidance, along with tips, tricks and other creative processes will be demonstrated and provided. Beginners are very welcome to attend this class, we believe that everyone can do art. See you at class !

Course Structure

-Learn basic watercolor techniques

-Learn paint to water ratio (tonal value study)

-Sky and sea water studies

-Color theory and harmony

Age group:

12 y/o and above

About the instructor

Jeremy Jonathan (@jerome_jonathan)

Teacher’s Profile : Jeremy Jonathan [ @jerome_jonathan ] Jeremy Jonathan is a full time calligrapher & painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design. His passion for calligraphy started in 2015. The desire to pursue his interest and learn new styles of script, lead Jeremy to practice diligently thus acquiring his unique calligraphy style.

Not resting on his laurels, he picked up watercolour again, experimented with different techniques and mediums, so that he could add vibrance and colours to his calligraphy!