Brush Pen Modern Lettering Workshop – Small Tips

This is a comprehensive 4-hour workshop for beginners who have always wanted to command beautiful lettering when writing cards, notes and journals, or those who are curious about modern calligraphy or hand lettering but are not sure where and how to start.

The instructor – Melissa, will share useful lettering tips, follow by techniques and key points to master the foundation of lettering, hands-on pressure levels to create beautiful basic strokes and alphabet formation. To make the artwork even more outstanding, we will also share all the essentials about simple flourishing, flowers doodles and blending tips.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Strokes
  • Lowercase Alphabets
  • Uppercase Alphabets
  • Connecting Alphabets
  • Simple Flourishing & Flower Doodles
  • Examples of Different Lettering Styles

Take Home Materials Include:

  • 3 Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens
  • A set of comprehensive worksheets printed on Rhodia paper

About the instructor:

Living in an era of technology, we hardly write these days causing us to forget the human touch of holding a pen, scribbling on paper, and just writing or drawing. This is what inspires Melissa to do what she is doing today!

To her, lettering is inspiring, as good calligraphy and skills bring out the true nature of human artistry and appreciation of creativity. She enjoys sharing her passion with those around her to hopefully help them find the joy of writing again.

Melissa is a self-taught artist who devoted herself full-time a years ago to exploring modern lettering in different mediums such as brush pen, pointed pen and water brush. She also attended workshops to improve her skills while conducting classes of her own to share her enthusiasm for lettering with other lettering lovers.

Check out her Instagram @melissaleng where you can enjoy more of her work.