CPR for Babies & Children (June Workshop)

CPR for Babies & Children: Basic Life Support Certification

If a human being stops breathing, his or her brain cells will die in 4-6 minutes from the moment of oxygen supply termination to the brain. A child’s physiological structure is much more fragile as compared to an adult. This means you have even less time.

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere without any foretell. In a modern and urban environment, we assume that help is always a phone call away. But how fast can help arrive? Within a minute, 5 minutes or more?

In Malaysia, only 2:23* unconscious patients arriving at casualty had CPR attempted on them. This is because people are still generally ‘uneducated’ when it comes to CPR. It is vital for a parent to know how to perform CPR so that help can be administered in an emergency or before a transfer to a medical facility.

Educate yourself and save a life. At least, learn the basic steps to perform CPR so that you can help in the event of a cardiac or breathing emergency.

Source: *Hospital University Sains Malaysia (USM)

Event Highlights for Parents, Guardians or Child Caregivers:

  • Understanding how a child’s body works differently from an adult.
  • Identifying different symptoms and understanding why a child’s condition can deteriorate.
  • Ways to detect a life-threatening condition in your child:

– Airway obstruction (choking)

– Seizures and epilepsy

– Respiratory distress and failure (ie. childhood asthma, bronchiolitis)

– Cardiac arrest

  • Ways to respond to these life-threatening situations before help arrives in a systematic way (pre-hospital care). Practical training on what can be done at home.


Dr. Chatichai Chong graduated from the Russian State Medical University (RSMU), Moscow in 2013. Upon his return, Dr. Chatichai served in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang. He later served as the Deputy Director in Hospital Serian, Sarawak up until 2018. Working in a district hospital, he is accustomed to managing both in-patient and out-patient (Emergency Department) departments.

He is an active Malaysian Red Cross member since high school and has represented his society at National Level numerous times. Dr Chatichai co-formed a society called CPR4M in 2014 in Selangor which aims to provide “1 CPR Provider in Every Home”. The society believes that every person has a right to CPR and needs to receive adequate training to become the ‘First Responder’ during an emergency. Today, CPR4M have certified and trained close to 7,000 Malaysians.