Craft Day: Melt + Pour Handmade Soap Workshop

Workshop description:

Making soaps if truly easy if you know the right techniques. Discover soap making and how you can whip up new bars of soap in under 10 minutes. Also to learn about the natural ingredients, oils and colorants used in soap making. This workshop is ideal for beginners.

Course outline:

  • Learn about the process of making soap using the melt and pour method
  • Get familiar with ingredients and materials in soap making including fragrances and colorants
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of soap making
  • Get a hands on experience of customising your own soaps and take home what you make

List of materials to share / bring home:

  • 5 pieces of Handmade Soaps
  • 1 piece Organic Certified Handmade Soap
  • 1 Soap Mold
  • 10% Craftiviti voucher
  • Lifetime knowledge on M&P soap making

List of materials to bring:

  • Your fun self!

Age group:
– 13 y/o and above

About the instructor

Craftiviti is a Provider of Quality Do-It-Yourself Personal Care Materials & Therapeutic Crafts. We are a homegrown retail and online store for crafters, makers and dreamers. Craftiviti is a homegrown retail and online business providing DIY personal care and therapeutic crafts materials. We have tools and ingredients to make all types of DIY personal care range such as soaps, candles and other personal care and aromatherapy products. To complete the range, Craftiviti also sells packaging materials, sculpting clays, liquid silicone and latex for mold making and casting materials such as plaster and epoxy resins. Our range continues to grow as we find more suppliers and partners who are aligned with our policies.

Craftiviti carefully manages the process of providing the highest quality craft products and materials. With a combination of trusted local and international relationships and attention to detail, we are able to offer world-class products to our customers.