Inktober Special : Drawing with Style with Pilot Malaysia

This course is a sequence to Drawing by Doing. In Drawing by Doing you would’ve learnt the basic mindset and exercises/tools you can use to get past your fear of drawing. Assuming at this point you have drawn enough to be comfortable (somewhat) with drawing! If you haven’t done Drawing by Doing, we would recommend that you do so prior to joining this class. But if you’re someone who’s comfortable enough with drawing and likes to live dangerously, by all means sign up 😉

In this class you will be shown how having themes will improve your drawing skills. You will also learn how to develop your personal style and some basic inking techniques. Perfect for #inktober, right?

Also, during the class, you will get to play around with various assortments of Pilot pens.

Course is part theory/brainwashing, part drawing exercises.

Course outline (not totally in order):

  • Developing Your Style
    • what IS style?
    • how do I arrive at a style?
    • exaggeration
    • suspended disbelief
  • Themes
    • why having themes is good for your drawing skill
    • being creative within limits
    • the role of repetition
  • How to Ink
    • differences between felt tips, fude and brush pens
    • warmup exercises
    • how to make the most of the pens

What you need to bring:
Your own good self, at least an A4-sized sketchpad (bigger and cheaper are better) and some pencils and pens. If you don’t have these things you can easily purchase them before class at CzipLee Bangsar.

I’d like to recommend these 2 items (but by no means compulsory, these pens will be provided for you to try out during class, too):

1. Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil 0.7 (whichever color you prefer) –

2. Color Eno Pencil Lead 0.7 (whichever color you prefer) –

What you can bring home: (Sponsored by Pilot Malaysia)

1. Pilot Juice Up Gel Pen
2. Pilot Fude Makase
3. Pilot Brush Pen SN50
4. Pilot Drawing Pen 0.3

What (hopefully) you’ll end up with:
A more confident approach in developing your own drawing style.

About the instructor
Your course instructor is Mimi Mashud, a freelance illustrator for about 10 years. She also has two travelogue-comics (Beijing in 5 Days and Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days) published by Maple Comics, now available in major bookstores. You can suss her out at IG @mimsmash.