Learn the Art of Triangle Brush Florals

Hi students! Let’s learn the magic of triangle brush and learn a bunch of florals with just one brush. Currently trending, painting using this brush is widely used for decorating envelopes, invitations, greeting cards, and home decoration art. At the end of this class, you will be able to adapt using the unique triangle brush and make beautiful paintings.¬†Interesting, right? Step by step guidance, along with tips, tricks and other creative processes will be demonstrated and provided. Beginners are very welcome to attend this class, we believe that everyone can do art. See you at class !

Each participant will have all the materials necessary during the class. If you already own a triangle brush, you may purchase the class at a lower price (RM220). If you choose the option with the Triangle Brush, you will receive a SILVER BRUSH Ruby Satin 2515S PT Triangle MD.

Watercolors and watercolor paper will be provided, if you would like to bring your own watercolors and watercolor palette, you are welcome to as well.

What you will learn:
– Tools introduction
– Basic Floral Strokes
– Various floral designs
– Foliages
– Color Theory
– Color Mixing

Price Inclusive of:
– Imported Triangle Brush (SILVER BRUSH Ruby Satin 2515S PT Triangle MD) if you choose the option with the brush
– Professional Paints
– Palette
– Paper Assortment
– Handouts
– Step by Step guidance

About the instructor:  
Jeremy Jonathan hails from Indonesia and is passionate about all things handmade and personalised, and this has ignited his romance with calligraphy and painting. Self taught from internet and forums, it encouraged him to study more and learn the fundamentals of any kind painting style and calligraphy. Join him on a quest to discover what hidden talents each of us are hiding, and be amazed at what excitement and joy you will experience by learning a new skill!