Lettering Composition with Nico Ng

This advanced workshop is for those who want to up their lettering composition game to a whole new level. In this workshop, you will learn the complete process on how to plan and create a stunning and well-balanced lettering composition.

Minimum Age: 10 years and up

Workshop Take Home Kit:

  • Brush Letting Composition Workbook by Nico Ng
  • 3” Composition Ruler by Nico Ng*
  • Extra A4 sheets – for practice
  • Tracing Paper
  • Composition Ruler
  • 1 x Tombow Fudenosuke
  • 1 x Tombow Mono Drawing Pen

*If you already own the composition ruler by Nico, you may choose to purchase the class without the ruler at RM250

Students need to bring:

  • Additional Drawing Pens and/or Brush Pens
  • Pencil & Eraser

Workshop Requirements:

  • Basic experience in Lettering or Brush Calligraphy
  • A quote to letter for the workshop (limit to 6 to 10 words)

Workshop Outline:
1. Process Overview
2. Brief introduction and an overview of each step
3. Dissecting your Quote
Analyze and divide your quote into word groups
4. Hierarchy of Words
Assign hierarchy to your word blocks (letter size, weight, and style)
5. Lettering Styles
Choose and practice lettering styles for emphasized words and for supporting words
6. Layout Shapes
Choose and arrange shapes to create layout options
7. Lettering Composition
Use the Composition Ruler to draw guides and lettering the quote
8. Leaf & Floral Decorations
Add floral decorations to your final lettering work

Workshop Output:
Participants will create their lettering composition masterpiece using the Composition Ruler.

Praise for Nico’s workshop by the April 2019 attendees:

“I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend Nico’s workshops, for two different subjects, while he was here in Malaysia. I’ve not participated in any art workshops for the past 10 years but I find his style of teaching was very effective, clear & simple but also warm & undaunting. He managed to use the time well – covering all the topics and with ample time to go around and personally guide the participants, he even made sure he follows up with every single person! After attending the workshops, I felt even more inspired, motivated & know how to keep improving.”

– Shikin (@shikinh)

The workshop on practicing effectively was pretty useful. I do my own lettering when I have the time for it and it’s always great to learn from established lettering artists like Nico! And Nico was very helpful and genial during the workshop; he tried to spend some time with every single participant and give some feedback, which I really appreciated. I would absolutely recommend his “Improving Your Brush Calligraphy Workshop” to anyone who’s looking to improve their skills!

– Yuin-Y (@elvenstar )

If you’re tired of having plateaued in your brush calligraphy and don’t quite know how to improve, Nic’s workshop might just be what you need to get out of that rut. His clear, systematic approach will teach you to identify, isolate, and correct bad habits, one practical step at a time – without overwhelm and frustration!

– E-Ling Liaw (@serenete)

What I like best about this workshop is the detailed explanation of each step to criticize our own brush lettering involving all area (i.e. thickness of letter, width between letters, etc.) that are important to improve my current brush lettering.

– Faiizah (@my.favorite_pastime)

Taught by a pro all the way from the Philippines! Nico Ng is so talented, you have to see his work. It’s perfect and beautiful 🤩 Anyway, he shared with us the steps and techniques that he uses before presenting his work to the public/his clients 😮, like what not to do, what to do, etc. We had a good time critiqing the errors. A very useful workshop for those trying to take their lettering skills to the next level! 👌 Highly recommend his workbooks 📖 and the composition ruler 📐 too!

– Swarna Devi (@stateofcalligraphy)