Negative Painting Workshop with Shin Han Art (Cactus Theme)

Negative painting is an interesting concept where we highlight the subject by painting around the subject rather than the main subject itself. It’s a fun way to paint and explore new concept.

All materials will be provided for the workshop and for this special session, we will be using Shin Han Watercolors! You may bring your own brushes and palette if you would prefer to use your own tools and we will provide the watercolors.

A rough roadmap to the course:

  • Introduction to watercolor paints and tools
  • Basic concepts of watercolor mixing
  • Different brush strokes and practice
  • Introduction to concept of negative painting and building layers.
  • Sketching and practise session
  • Final artwork

The class is suitable for beginners (15 years and above). It will be a fun learning session and you will not just take home your own masterpiece by the end of the class, but also techniques and tips you can apply in your future painting projects.

You will also be given a manual with step by step reference on how to paint a simple practice work for your future reference.

About instructor:
My name is Panchami, I am a watercolour artist. I love to paint everything beautiful I see. I love colours as they bring such positivity and cheer to life. I am always etching to try out different subjects. I paint landscapes, recreate pictures from my travel, my thoughts and imagination, illustrations flowers. Nature is my inspiration. I love to teach watercolour and concepts and help people rekindle their artistic side. Head to my Instagram account @brushpaint.n.everything to check my work.