Visual Journalling workshop with Bisou Bake Shop

Regular stationery you have lying around like pens, pencils, highlighters and markers are not just for enhancing your note taking in schools. They can also double as your visual journaling supplies if you know how to use them.

Join Yi Qing and Jessica for a fun-filled day exploring various techniques for visual journaling! In this visual journaling class, we will be exploring how to document your memories with interesting visual elements.

If you’ve never done journaling before and do not know where to start, FEAR NOT!

This workshop is perfect to kickstart your journey.

Whether you are into writing , junk journaling, drawing and painting or scrapbooking, this workshop is for you! Combined with the skills you already have, you can definitely learn some new tips and tricks to jazz up your journal even more.

Theme: Christmas with Bisou Cupcakes

– you will get a cupcake each and there will be lucky draw too!

Course structure

Introduction to Visual Journaling

Part 1: Skills to explore

Brush Pens Techniques

Decorative Writing

Drawing fundamentals

Part 2: Embellishment

Washi tape techniques

Banner design

Stamps and Stencils


Using paper scraps

Part 3: Layout construction

Note: bring your preferred pens and it’s a must to bring your own journal

About the instructor
An artwork is not about how it looks like, it is how the story behind the illustration resonates your sensations. Yi Qing believes illustration can craft a visual language which compliments the brands you use and achieve an objective that captivates a joyful audience. @yiqinggan

Jesse works full-time as a teacher. She spends her free time exploring the world of calligraphy and art. She firmly believes that with the correct guidance, a bit of courage and lots of passion, anyone can step out of their comfort zone and surprise themselves with their hidden creativity. @lefterpenner