Visual Journaling (Art on A Budget)

Highlighters are not just for highlighting your homework, they can be used for so many things! In this course, you get to learn how to utilise your everyday stationery and turn them into art supplies. Not only will this allow your tools to be multipurpose, it would also be a fun way for you to explore another form of art without breaking the bank!

We will be sketching Bisou cupcakes and Kokuyo Stationery in this visual journaling workshop with Yi Qing. Most importantly, the workshop aims to bring out your inner child spirit and for us to have fun together!

Course Structure
– Getting started with drawing fundamentals
– Mixing mediums: highlighters and pens
– Turning objects into stories

What should you bring:
– Must: a journal you’re comfortable with (if you do not have a journal, you may purchase one from CzipLee on the day of the workshop)
– Any pens and highlighters you are comfortable with. There will also be a wide variety of pens and brush pens available for sharing on the day of the workshop
– Your happy self

Expected outcome
A smaller budget shouldn’t be a hindrance when it comes to purchasing supplies to create art. You can always try different mediums to achieve your desired piece of work. Remember, even if you’re having mundane day, you could start doodling with pens in your journal. Remind yourself that art is for everyone. Through this workshop, you will learn that you can create art anywhere and with almost anything.

About the instructor
An artwork is not about how it looks like, it is how the story behind the illustration resonates your sensations. Yi Qing believes illustration can craft a visual language which compliments the brands you use and achieve an objective that captivates a joyful audience.