Watercolour Workshop (Christmas Theme)

Watercolor paper will be provided while watercolors and brushes will be available for sharing. This class may get messy, we advise that you do not wear light colors

Students will be taught the following
1) Composition of art
2) Perspective
3) Light and shadow
4) 3 layer technique
5) Colour mixing

This class is suitable for both beginners and those who are looking to improve their technique. Brian will bring all students through each layer required to build the final pieces. Students with no experience with watercolors will greatly benefit from this class. The final piece may look intimidating, but it is a fun and relaxing workshop as Brian is fantastic at breaking down the many steps required.

Brian Tai is not only a talented artist but also a math/physics tutor with over 26 years of experience in watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

Involvement in Art

  • Member of The Malaysian Watercolour Society
  • Member of Scenic Ranger (Singapore )

Exhibition Participation

  • Ecoworld “Journey of art “ exhibition 2017
  • Blossom Art Festival 2017
  • Sketchwalk Kuala Lumpur 3rd Anniversary membership exhibition 2017
  • Incheon Global Art Exhibition 2017
  • Commercial Art participation
  • 2 artworks selected as Buncho 2018 Table Calendar images
  • Ecoworld Resident Club artwork Artist