CzipVenture: Arts & Crafts Workshop (Keychain Crafting)

Fun and simple sewing/crafting kits for kids! We get to choose from a series of art kit – koala bracelet, panda brooch, kitty mask, and much more! Learn how to maneuver our fingers, how to move our hands with precision, how to hold and use small items with ease… We are definitely adding in new tools and skills into our pockets!

The most important lesson… patience! Cultivating patience in children could be challenging at times. When they want something, they want it right away – waiting is unacceptable. Explaining that it is impossible to get the thing immediately could prove itself to be pointless. But if they learn it from their own example, empirically, they’ll perfectly understand that waiting is necessary sometimes. Crafting teaches us about patience in a subtle but very effective way.

In sewing workshops we learn that we can’t sew before threading the needle, we can’t cut fabric before marking it, we can’t make shortcuts while stitching two pieces of fabric together… we’ll slowly but surely start learning how to be more patient.

Course outline:

  • Let’s make new friends!
  • Let’s keep each other safe
  • Crafting session
  • Reflection

List of materials

  • 1 set of material kit
  • 1 keychain each student

List of materials to bring home:

  • Finished project + kit

Age group:

  • 6 y/o and above

For workshops at CzipLee SouthKey Johor Bahru, please proceed to the below location
CzipLee Southkey @Village Grocer
Lot At-2, Lower Ground Floor,
The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey,
No. 1, Persiaran Southkey 1,
80150 Johor Bahru