CzipVenture: Storytelling + Treasure Hunt

Explorer hat, check! Binoculars, check! Friends, check!

Be ready, we are going on an adventure!

An interactive storytelling session with creative active-vities! That’s right! We are not sitting down all day to listen to stories, but we are going to move around and get active in this storytelling session! Handpicked children storybook, value driven, reminding us to reflect on our daily life.

With a magnifying glass in our hand, we are going for a hunt! Hunting for all the “treasures” that we’ve discovered in the story. Beware, there are unforeseen traps around, we need to be highly attentive to the details in order to succeed in this hunt. Turn on our creative minds, we are going to be artists! Immerse ourselves in creativity and imagination, creating our very own masterpiece!

Finally comes the time for peace and calm reflection. An activity is just a game unless we reflect on it. Ending the session by writing down our biggest learning of the day with a thoughtful mind.

Course outline:

  • Let’s make new friends!
  • Storytelling
  • Treasure hunt
  • Art activity
  • Reflection

Age group:

  • 3 y/o and above

About Instructor:

Facilitators from Me Books Nooks cherish sharing the wealth of knowledge with their utmost passion to unveil the excitement of learning! With a heart for children, they strongly believe that every child is born with infinite potential. It is our duty as educators to create opportunities to allow them to freely explore the wonder of their potentials and dreams.


For workshops at CzipLee SouthKey Johor Bahru, please proceed to the below location
CzipLee Southkey @Village Grocer
Lot At-2, Lower Ground Floor,
The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey,
No. 1, Persiaran Southkey 1,
80150 Johor Bahru