CzipVenture: Young Carpenters Workshop (Tool Box)

Creating a Toolbox by using different types of wood and using various tools to cut and assemble while learning basic woodworking techniques that will help then to think out of the box, to push boundaries, invent and to solve challenges.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to tools and uses
  • Safety during the workshop
  • Introduction to types of wood and cutting skills
  • Sandpapering and refining of wood after cutting
  • Usage of hammers and how to hammer nails
  • Finish product to be decorated with Pilot Pintor markers!!

List of materials to share:

  • Wood and tools to be provided.

List of materials to bring home:

  • Finished project to be taken home

Age group:

  • 7y/o and above


Super Brain Bridge conduct woodwork and electronics program for primary and secondary students. With our tailor-made programs and hands-on learning systems, our approach and methodologies are different as we incorporate a multi-sensory learning system involving technology, engineering, creativity as well as arts.

Our program is a year-round enrichment program designed to teach girls and boys the safe-use of hand tools and general woodworking and electronics. Our teaching methods are interactive, promoting children to think out of the box, to push boundaries, invent and to solve challenges.

We use a system that also teaches students social skills, incorporating teamwork, communication and a healthy competitive spirit. Children are challenged with hands-on, minds-on projects that teach real life skills in an academic context.

For workshops at CzipLee SouthKey Johor Bahru, please proceed to the below location
CzipLee Southkey @Village Grocer
Lot At-2, Lower Ground Floor,
The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey,
No. 1, Persiaran Southkey 1,
80150 Johor Bahru