Drawing by Doing

This is a drawing class for adults who THINK they can’t draw. (And also for those, even experts, who find drawing still unnerving). Rather than teaching you how to draw a specific thing, the course is meant to show you the right mindset towards drawing (or any creative endeavor) and to show you the basic tools that you can employ to draw ANYTHING.

The course is part theory/brainwashing, with some structured drawing exercises.

Your course instructor is Mimi Mashud, a freelance illustrator for about 10 years. She also has two travelogue-comics (Beijing in 5 Days and Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days) published by Maple Comics, now available in major bookstores. She wrote this course based on her own experience as a very anxious person who draws for a living.

Course outline:

  • Drawing as action, not as a product – this is the part where I will explain and counter the hastily-made assumptions we’ve had about drawing all this while.
  • Observation skills, learning how to “see” – this module shows you how to draw by sight, not by memory
    Building from basic shapes – this module shows you how to make a complicated and detailed drawing, all using basic shapes
  • Tackling a complicated drawing – this module shows you how to approach a drawing so complicated, that under normal circumstances you would rather give up than attempt it
  • Lastly, some Q&A’s and discussion

What you need to bring:

Your own good self, your preconceived ideas about drawing, and at least an A4-sized sketchpad (bigger and cheaper are better) and some pencils. If you don’t have these things you can easily purchase them before class at CzipLee Bangsar.

What (hopefully) you’ll end up with:
A refreshing new mindset towards drawing, and visual tools/exercises you can employ ANYTIME to draw ANYTHING.