Kokuyo Open Day : Bullet Journaling Workshop

Always wanted to create your own planner but you have completely no idea how to start? Overwhelmed by the too many things on your mind, trying to remember what to do next?

Come join Black Milk Project as they incorporate planning tips, art directions and the purposeful & intentional use of journaling all in a small book that is designed to be portable. It offers an effective means of providing focus & clarity to the things you’re doing, achieve goals & plan your every day life – all these while having fun in designing and decorating the layout of your journal.

This workshop will be covering content construction, layout planning, basic doodling on planner elements & icons and so much more!

Please bring along your own:
– Preferred pen/stationery
– Inking pad (for stamping)
Materials available for sharing
– Washi tapes
– Black Milk Project rubber stamp collection
– Assorted stickers, memopads
– Bullet journaling stencils
– Color assorted pens/highlighters
Items & Gifts to bring homes:
– Manual on bullet journaling contents, quick doodles & inspirations
– Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook (to be used during workshop)
– Kokuyo Beetle Tip Highlighter, 1 set
– CzipLee tote set

Age group:

12 y/o and above

About Black Milk Project

There is unprecedented enthusiasm among the community today for re-discovering their inner-child creativity. Black Milk Project aims to be the entrepreneurial springboard for both art enthusiasts and local artists & crafters alike – a platform for collaboration, experimentation and conversation. We aim to provide a space for inspirations, ingenuity, curious imaginations and limitless possibilities.

Founded by Wei Tieng in 2013, Black Milk Project is her creative playground where all imaginative friends come alive and rainbow unicorns fly! An illustrator, a designer, a dreamer, a maximalist dressed as minimalist, a child of God, and a mother who struggles to cook dinner all rolled into one. Feeds on and breathes creativity with a wide-eyed wondrous view of a whimsical world, lives to juxtapose visual elements and imaginary friends in bringing fun and creativity to Black Milk Project!