Leather-crafting for Beginners: Paint Brush Leather Case

Kelang Leather Industries (KLI) has been in the leather industry in Malaysia for the past 35 years. Led by Mr. ST Wong, a leather tanner trained in Germany, KLI has been serving the local leather goods manufacturing industry that produces shoes, boots, handbags, wallets, and belts.

In this class you will learn :
– Introduction to genuine leather
– Usage of basic tools
– Basic Saddle Stitching
– Completed projects to be taken home.

Student age group : Age 15 and above

Tools and materials provided :
All tools materials will be prepared by KLI.
Each student will get their own set of tools to be used during the workshop.
*Completed projects to be taken home

List of tools :

1. Leather adhesive
2. Roller
3. Spring divider
4. Kyoshin Elle Pricking Iron
5. Leather mallet
6. Cutting board
7. Needle
8. Waxed thread
9. Hole punch

Colours to choose from:

-Dark Brown
(Confirmation of colours 1 week before 7/9/2019)

About the instructor:

Growing up in the leather tannery was fun for Alec- running up and down the factory grounds, peeping across the leather milling drums, and getting down and dirty with the freshly tanned leathers from the wooden drums. Inevitably, leather became a big part of his life. With a passion in leather and handmade leather-craft, Alec would like to share the joys of leather craftsmanship of being able to create something beautiful yet practical, with the most basic tool: your own two hands.